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Hyper After Dance Class?

Our class at Seville has been pretty lively as each dancer in this mixed level class finds their place. We are fitting 3 choreographies into our hour. One of the developing choreographies is a spiritual dance to invoke the alchemical power of the elements of nature. When harmonised, these energies promote balance and healing.

Majickal Bellydance is a therapeutic style of bellydance. Each dancer's own unique abilities and strengths are considered. Choreographies are written with each dancer in mind, just enough to expand without overwhelming. It is based on Classical Egyptian Bellydance, infused with ancient wisdom.

My interest in healing includes human consciousness; Specifically, how to effectively manage its dynamic and complex dance. Being able to manage our own energy state helps us to manage our lives more harmoniously, leading to increased self-mastery.

I'm often hyper after dance class. Even when we finish with relaxation techniques, by the time I have packed up and dri…