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The Cosmic Dance

It's great to be teaching some classes again, watching new faces, nervous at first, beam with good vibes at the end.

I can feel the mobility increasing in my body already. My energy has been a little higher, especially at around midnight after my evening class. It takes a few hours to wind down.

Week one at a new venue is all about space, orientation and introduction. I like to get a feel for the energy flow of the room so I can identify the best place to stand. Sometimes, for whatever reason, facing a certain direction feels 'wrong.' So week one can involve sudden changes of direction as I figure it all out.

Week one explores the lines and limits of the physical body.  As we lean toward our own limits we can test our strength, increasing our sense of physical trust and safety.

Standing strong and supple prepares us to move the essence of the universal life force into circles.

The circles we dance emit a current of energy, growing as the course progresses, building to peak…