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Improvised Bellydance - An Alternative to the Stress of Remembering Choreography

Have you ever been to a dance workshop and forgotten it all by the time you got home? Me too! Even
after becoming a dance teacher myself, I would attend workshops for my own professional development, only to find myself feeling like I had two left feet as I struggled to learn a bunch of new combinations in a short amount of time. Most workshops focussed on my weakest attribute - memory!

I don't know about you, but I can't learn a choreography in two hours and leave the workshop with a new routine installed in my repertoire. My brain just doesn't work that way. I imagine it's because I didn't go to any dance classes until I was twenty-six years old; a late start for a dancer. I had never worn a tutu, twirled a baton or stood on-stage caked in mum's make-up to perform a cute routine for calisthenics. I was an absolute beginner. The closest I had come to performance was my miraculous inclusion with the 'cool girls' in a choreographed performance of 'F…