5 Minute Majickal Bellydance at Home - Class 2

Belly dance at home continues This video explores some more dimensions of the hip circle. Hip circles help to mobilise the lower back and hip joints, as well as get lymphatic fluids circulating. I've witnessed hip circles assist with helping childbirth to progress. Experiment with slow as well as fast music and see how your hip circles change and evolve in response to the sounds. 

5 Minute Majickal Bellydance at Home - Class 1

Start learning belly dance from home in only 5 minutes This video was inspired by the home isolation requirements of 2020.  Majickal Bellydance was always designed for home use. No sequins or choreography. Just ancient moves and happy vibes.  Enjoy. Be Well X

Learn to Bellydance With Your Body, Mind and Spirit

As a new term of dance reaches its conclusion we are becoming accustomed to using new muscles, making new movements and feeling new physical freedom. Since I'm returning after a long rest from bellydance, I'm feeling it too! I'm enjoying the sensation of awakening forgotten muscles deep in my chest and sacrum; muscles that can lack stimulation when our range of movement becomes limited.

Settling into a new 'day job' has meant more hours in front of the computer, as well as more hours clutching a mobile phone typing SMS messages. These activities have left me with an increase in arm, shoulder and neck tension. The opportunity to return to teaching bellydance happened at the perfect time. I feel enriched and more balanced with the presence of the fluidic, creative realm of Majickal Bellydance back in my life. Without dance my life is too chair-bound, desk-hunched, and head-heavy.

CIRE services  have invited me back to teach another term of dance at Chirnside Community…

Majickal Bellydance Classes, Term One, 2020 - New Studio!


Improvised Bellydance - An Alternative to the Stress of Remembering Choreography

Have you ever been to a dance workshop and forgotten it all by the time you got home? Me too! Even
after becoming a dance teacher myself, I would attend workshops for my own professional development, only to find myself feeling like I had two left feet as I struggled to learn a bunch of new combinations in a short amount of time. Most workshops focussed on my weakest attribute - memory!

I don't know about you, but I can't learn a choreography in two hours and leave the workshop with a new routine installed in my repertoire. My brain just doesn't work that way. I imagine it's because I didn't go to any dance classes until I was twenty-six years old; a late start for a dancer. I had never worn a tutu, twirled a baton or stood on-stage caked in mum's make-up to perform a cute routine for calisthenics. I was an absolute beginner. The closest I had come to performance was my miraculous inclusion with the 'cool girls' in a choreographed performance of 'F…

Learn Bellydance You Can Remember How to Do Again At Home

Autumn 2019 Bellydance
Discover this fun dance/exercise style you can enjoy all through the year in your own home!
Autumn Majickal Bellydance Workshop 2 Hours 1 pm, Sunday 7th April, 2019 Seville Community House 8 Railway Road, Seville $30 Easy, no memorisation, no choreography, no mirrors, dance solo. 
Learn Ancient Egyptian bellydance. Pure shapes and movements that come from somewhere deep, raw, natural. Your body already knows these shapes. I can help you remember them so you can dance in your own home. 
Learn how to find your centre, your inner Goddess, your core and your balance. 
ENROL VIA FACEBOOK EVENT LINKRead More About the Style Here.
If you would like to know more about me, check out the 'Leanne Margaret' tab at the top.
P.S. You can enrol online, or find out more by visiting the Seville House website. 

Spring Bellydance Classes 2018

ATTENTION: WOMEN OF THE YARRA VALLEY, YARRA RANGES AND EASTERN SUBURBS!Did you know bellydance can be great for your back?Have you tried bellydance and found yourself with a sore back?

Do you ever get a sore back from walking?

Do you need a remedy for 'the sitting disease?

Majickal Bellydance can help...

Learn How To...Improve posture.Increase confidence.Gently mobilise joints.Strengthen mind/body connection.Dance a style you can take home with you.Feel the 'energy' of bellydance to increase mindfulness.Follow an improvised work-out style dance every week.Explore choreography without ever stepping onto a stage.Use the movements of bellydance to stretch out your back.Walk properly so that you exercise your glutes and thighs at the same time.  The Details:WHEN:  Thursdays, 7pm - 8pm, 1st November to 13th December. COST:  Only $91 (Costs are kept to a minimum to better serve the community). WHERE: Seville Community House, 8 Railway Road Seville, Victoria. HOW TO BOOK:  Phone Vicki at…