Majickal Belly Dance Classes are back in Studio - November 2020

I'm pleased to announce that, so far, we're allowed back in studio for Term 4 by November. I'm hard at work visualising our new classes occurring in the warming evenings of spring's end. We will be enjoying daylight savings by then, the studio bright with the setting sun across the field next door. It's such a great place to dance. I absolutely can't wait to get back in there where there's space to twirl a veil and swoosh a skirt. I'm going to dress up like someone who hasn't been allowed out for ages. I have thrown away my old germy makeup and replaced it with some new colours I need a reason to try out. I need to wear a coin belt! I had to dance without the noisy coin belts while teaching Zoom classes during lockdown. So I'm looking forward to making some noise with a proper hip scarf.We're going to start the term nice and gentle. Our lockdown muscles and joints will be gradually soothed out and moved into fluidity and form. I'll be gi…

Majickal Bellydance Zoom Classes Are Back – And They've Evolved.

Majickal Bellydance can help you to:Exercise without leaving the houseStrengthen core musclesMobilise jointsRelieve 'lockdown aches and pains'Improve moodFeel sexyImprove coordination and balanceImprove brain functionIncrease mindfulnessBalance your chakrasStrengthen your energy fieldHelp maintain good immune function
Or Phone: 1300 835 235 Last term our new Chirnside Park group suddenly faced the new challenge of adapting to online classes. I presented the classes in the usual style, squinting to see dimly lit, partially visible dancers while demonstrating and discussing dance techniques. 
The outcome was average. The music chopped in and out as I spoke and neither were particularly audible. We all had an average time and were relieved when it was announced that by term three we would be allowed back in the studio together breathing the same air and dancing with the joy of reunion.
But this wasn't to be as further lockdown restrictions were a…

Belly Dance Classes Are Back Inside A Real Studio

The restrictions are gradually being lifted and we are slowly filtering back out of isolation. This means dance classes will soon be back. The 'in the flesh' kind that you're used to.
Online Zoom classes were great and kept us in the mood, but they're not quite the same as a real face-to-face class. The best thing I bring to belly dance is my connection with each dancer in the room, so I can adapt from moment to moment in a personalised way according to need. So I can't wait to get back to class again and do my thing.

So join me for Winter Term Three at Chirnside Community Hub.
When: 10 Weekly classes Wednesdays at 6:30pm
From 15th July - 23rd September 2020Note: No class 26th August
Where: Chirnside Community Hub
33 Kimberley Drive
Chrinside Park
Prerequisites? This is a mixed level class. that means I teach to beginners as well as more advanced students. Beginners learn basic belly dance techniques and posture, while more advanced students focus on layerin…

5 Minute Majickal Bellydance - Class 3


5 Minute Majickal Bellydance at Home - Class 2

Belly dance at home continues This video explores some more dimensions of the hip circle. Hip circles help to mobilise the lower back and hip joints, as well as get lymphatic fluids circulating. I've witnessed hip circles assist with helping childbirth to progress. Experiment with slow as well as fast music and see how your hip circles change and evolve in response to the sounds. 

5 Minute Majickal Bellydance at Home - Class 1

Start learning belly dance from home in only 5 minutes This video was inspired by the home isolation requirements of 2020.  Majickal Bellydance was always designed for home use. No sequins or choreography. Just ancient moves and happy vibes.  Enjoy. Be Well X

Learn to Bellydance With Your Body, Mind and Spirit

As a new term of dance reaches its conclusion we are becoming accustomed to using new muscles, making new movements and feeling new physical freedom. Since I'm returning after a long rest from bellydance, I'm feeling it too! I'm enjoying the sensation of awakening forgotten muscles deep in my chest and sacrum; muscles that can lack stimulation when our range of movement becomes limited.

Settling into a new 'day job' has meant more hours in front of the computer, as well as more hours clutching a mobile phone typing SMS messages. These activities have left me with an increase in arm, shoulder and neck tension. The opportunity to return to teaching bellydance happened at the perfect time. I feel enriched and more balanced with the presence of the fluidic, creative realm of Majickal Bellydance back in my life. Without dance my life is too chair-bound, desk-hunched, and head-heavy.

CIRE services  have invited me back to teach another term of dance at Chirnside Community…