Learn Bellydance You Can Remember How to Do Again At Home

Autumn 2019 Bellydance
Discover this fun dance/exercise style you can enjoy all through the year in your own home!
Summer Majickal Bellydance Workshop 2 Hours 1 pm, Sunday 7th April, 2019 Seville Community House 8 Railway Road, Seville $30 Easy, no memorisation, no choreography, no mirrors, dance solo. 
Learn Ancient Egyptian bellydance. Pure shapes and movements that come from somewhere deep, raw, natural. Your body already knows these shapes. I can help you remember them so you can dance in your own home. 
Learn how to find your centre, your inner Goddess, your core and your balance. 
If you would like to know more about me, check out the 'your teacher' tab at the top.
P.S. You can find out more about the venue by visiting the Seville House website.  P.S.S You will soon be able to enrol online on the Seville House website, but I can't find the option quite yet...enrol by phone for now on 5964 3987.  Leave a message if the phone is unattended. Program Coordinator Vicki is pr…

Spring Bellydance Classes 2018

ATTENTION: WOMEN OF THE YARRA VALLEY, YARRA RANGES AND EASTERN SUBURBS!Did you know bellydance can be great for your back?Have you tried bellydance and found yourself with a sore back?

Do you ever get a sore back from walking?

Do you need a remedy for 'the sitting disease?

Majickal Bellydance can help...

Learn How To...Improve posture.Increase confidence.Gently mobilise joints.Strengthen mind/body connection.Dance a style you can take home with you.Feel the 'energy' of bellydance to increase mindfulness.Follow an improvised work-out style dance every week.Explore choreography without ever stepping onto a stage.Use the movements of bellydance to stretch out your back.Walk properly so that you exercise your glutes and thighs at the same time.  The Details:WHEN:  Thursdays, 7pm - 8pm, 1st November to 13th December. COST:  Only $91 (Costs are kept to a minimum to better serve the community). WHERE: Seville Community House, 8 Railway Road Seville, Victoria. HOW TO BOOK:  Phone Vicki at…

Winter Bellydance Classes in the Yarra Valley

Class dates have been announced for winter 2018.

By the end of term it will be SPRING!

This makes me happy. 😀
We begin Thursday 9th of August and dance for 7 weeks until the 20th September. Class begins at 7pm and runs for an hour.  This term will be a particularly WARMING term of progressive Bellydance drills that get you moving from toe to head.

This is an open level class. Beginning dancers will get to see where they are going and Experienced dancers get a review of where they have come from. All levels are welcome to join, but this is a small class and places are limited, so book early.
Please book your place by phoning Seville Community House on 03 5964 3987. Wear warm exercise pants and a fitted top and jacket to stay warm. A scarf tied around the hips really helps you feel like a Bellydancer. Any scarf long enough to wrap around the hips is a good start. Sarongs work well too.

Although we usually dance barefoot, the venue is carpeted, so it is safe to keep your socks on during…

Hyper After Dance Class?

Our class at Seville has been pretty lively as each dancer in this mixed level class finds their place. We are fitting 3 choreographies into our hour. One of the developing choreographies is a spiritual dance to invoke the alchemical power of the elements of nature. When harmonised, these energies promote balance and healing.

Majickal Bellydance is a therapeutic style of bellydance. Each dancer's own unique abilities and strengths are considered. Choreographies are written with each dancer in mind, just enough to expand without overwhelming. It is based on Classical Egyptian Bellydance, infused with ancient wisdom.

My interest in healing includes human consciousness; Specifically, how to effectively manage its dynamic and complex dance. Being able to manage our own energy state helps us to manage our lives more harmoniously, leading to increased self-mastery.

I'm often hyper after dance class. Even when we finish with relaxation techniques, by the time I have packed up and dri…

Bellydance Classes - Autumn 2018

Hi Dancers

The final class for term one is happening tonight. It has been a majickal term of spiritual bellydance. All dancers grew stronger, more controlled and more confident. By week six all dancers were perceiving themselves as the dancers they always were.

Book your place by phoning 
03 5964 3987.

See us on facebook.

If you would like to learn more about the model of multi-dimensional human consciousness on which this style is created, visit

Dance for Joy

Leanne Margaret X

Dance for Joy

Classes will be back in term 2, April 2018.
Details posted soon...

Or call Seville House on 03 5964 3987 for enquiries or bookings.

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